Why choose Haj Financial?


Accounting and taxes have been a main service of Haj Financial for over 20 years.  Many accounting and tax firms offer their services on a seasonal basis, we, on the other hand, are open year-round to assist our clients.  From decades of experience we know that your financial needs do not start on the 1st of January and end on April 15th of every year.  That is why we commit ourselves to provide quality service and immediate response throughout the whole year. 

Our experienced professionals will provide the privacy and confidentiality you expect from professional accountants.  We strive to provide CPA quality service at much lower prices, and our computerized accounting and tax preparation allows us to offer e-filing for our client tax returns.


  Our Main Services are:

Whether you are an individual needing to file income taxes, a start-up company looking for guidance, or a seasoned business in need of bookkeeping or tax preparations we have the knowledge, experience, and tools to guide you through each process.

  • Individuals – Haj Financial prides itself in providing a customized service to its clients at unmatched affordability and quality.  Our goal is to meet your individual tax and financial needs and we do that by becoming better acquainted with you and assessing your needs based on your current stage in life.  Some of the services we provide for individuals are the following:
    • Individual, Estate, and Gift tax preparation
    • W-7’s & ITIN

  • New Businesses – Looking to start your own business but not sure where to start?  At Haj Financial we can assess your current situation and guide you through the necessary steps to set up corporations, s-corporations, and partnerships.  We explain the pros and cons between each entity (s-corporations, regular corporations, partnerships, sole proprietorships) and how their differences would relate to your specific situation.  This process allows you to make a well informed decision regarding the type of entity you would prefer to initiate.  We can also ensure you obtain the necessary federal and state taxpayer identification numbers to run your business with peace of mind.  For new businesses we can assist in the following:
    • Consultation of Start-Up Companies
    • Set up Corporations, S-Corps & LLC
    • Obtain Federal ID Number (Taxpayers Number)
    • Obtain Illinois Business Tax (IBT) Number

  • Bookkeeping & Tax Preparation – Are you already in business but need professionals to maintain your financial data?  For over 30 years Haj Financial has been assisting a wide variety of businesses with sales, payroll, and year-end tax returns as well as creating financial statements to meet their needs.  Some of the many services we can provide for you are the following:
    • Bookkeeping Services
    • Preparation of Sales Taxes
    • Preparation of Payroll Taxes
    • Preparation of Financial Statements such as:
      • Balance Sheets/ Statements of Financial Assets
      • Income Statement/ Profit-Loss Statement
      • Cash Flows
    • Preparation of Annual Reports
    • Corporation & Partnership Taxes
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