Personal Insurance

Are you looking for the most affordable auto, home, health or life insurance premium with a quality insurer?  Our staff can assess if you may be over-insured in a particular area or underinsured in another and then sift through a wide variety of insurers to find the right coverage at the best premium for you.


Types of Insurance offered by Haj Financial

  • Auto Insurance: Our access to over a dozen auto insurance companies allows us to shop competitively for our customers.  All of our customers can rest assured that we exhaust our resources to provide them with the coverage that meets their particular needs whether it is simply liability or full coverage auto insurance, or SR-22.  Even if you are an unlicensed driver, we can still find you an affordable auto policy.  Haj Financial's resources are extensive.  

  • Home Insurance: Buying a home is the most important investment a person can make in their lifetime and protecting that investment is crucial.  The best time to begin protecting that investment is before any unimaginable catastrophe occurs. Haj Financial has access to more than half a dozen home insurers to help you protect your most valuable possession.  Even if you do not own your own home we can help protect your valuables through Renters or Condominium Insurance.
    • Traditional Coverage:  Can protect your home, garage and utility buildings from direct physical loss not specifically excluded.
    • Additional Coverage:  If you require higher levels of coverage and limits there are enhanced policies and endorsements available to insure your home.

  • Health Insurance:  As of 2008 the U.S. Census Bureau reported that there were over 47 million Americans without Health Insurance (read article here).  This means there are a large number of families that could face financial ruin if an unexpected illness or serious injury occurred to one of their income earners.  At Haj Financial we can help you protect your family from such hardships by assessing your health insurance needs and finding the best premium for you. Please contact us for further information.

  • Life Insurance:  Like Health Insurance, Life Insurance has many variables and decisions that must be taken into account.  All types of life insurance have their advantages, whether Term Life, Universal Life, Whole Life, Variable Whole Life or Variable Universal Life, at Haj Financial we can help you assess how much coverage is enough for you and what type of policy best suits you and your family.  Read more on our Life Insurance Articles.

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